Legal Terms

Terms of Service

The following page outlines the terms of use of the Emotists service. Before using any of our services, you are required to read, understand, and agree to these terms. The "human terms" are a short explanation and is not legally binding. You can click the button in the top right to switch to the full "legal terms".

Description of Service

We develop a artist community and provide a service to create a portfolio so clients can commission you. We may offer more services in the future.

Acceptance of Terms

By using Emotists, you agree to all the terms listed.

Modifications of Terms

If these terms change, we'll let you know. Usually with a note on the site. You may run into problems or the service may go offline sometimes.


To use all of our services, you'll need your own account. Don't violate other people's rights.

User Conduct

Don't use the site to post pornographic material, harass people, send spam, or other uncool stuff. Only post stuff that belongs to you. Don't be a jerk.

Content Submitted or Created for the Service

Your art will keep the same copyright they had before you uploaded them. You let us promote your work, but not sell it without your permission.

Fair Storage Policy

If you use more than your fair share of resources we may limit your account.

Copyright Complaints

We respect copyright. If there is an issue please contact [email protected] with all the details.


People can post links on our site; we are not responsible for those links.

Release and Indemnity

We aren't liable if something goes wrong. Always keep a backup of your art and info.

Intellectual Property

Emotists' stuff is our's please don't use it without our permission.


We may stop providing our services at any time. You can also stop using your account at any time

Warranty Disclaimer

You use the service at your own risk.

Limitation of Liability

You agree not to hold us liable or do any scary legal stuff to us.


We're from Florida in the United States of America, those are the laws we follow. We aren't liable if things go really bad.