Discord Emote (Sheep Waving)

Budget: $20 - Posted - Status: Accepting Bids

I want a sheep looking design, waving if possible? White coloured sheep not black. If you could make this happen that would be great.

“Toxic” Boba Fett emote

Budget: $25 - Posted - Status: Accepting Bids

The emote I have in mind is a chibi style Boba Fett emote displaying his upper half or quarter portion of his body with him holding up his gun. Above his head I would like the word “TOXIC” in a vibrant but clear font that has a dripping effect. If it seems like it would be too much for such a small space and could easily look muddy his helmet with the lettering will work too. I really care about it being cute, detailed, clear, and actually resembling Boba Fett. The emote would be a sub emote for twitch so it needs to be the standard three dimensions (28x28,56x56, 112x112), have a transparent background, not exceed the 25kb file size, etc.

Derpy pug emote

Budget: $15 - Posted - Status: Accepting Bids

Simple derpy black pug emote. I don't have a lot of money right now so only able to afford 10 to 15