Keep it Classy

Here are some pointers and guidelines to keep it easy for users to find information about you and your work. These aren't hard rules but you should try and keep to them.

Graphics / Emotes

Typically if it's allowed on Twitch, Youtube, or Mixer - it'll be fine here.

Don't upload content that has:

  • Harassment, including targeted insults, defamation, intimidation, and threats of any nature
  • Hate speech, including offensive slang, symbols, stereotypes, and imagery
  • Extreme or divisive political phrases, symbols, and figures
  • Vulgarity, including explicit words, phrases, and gestures
  • Depictions or references to drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Depictions or references to violence, including self-inflicted and against others
  • Depictions of sex and sexual arousal, gestures, aids, or attire
  • Depictions of genitals


You can place a max of 5 tags per work. Tags can also be used to search community-wide or on your profile. So it maybe useful to tag a collection as well as the type of emote/work.

Format & Sizing

We recommend using PNG format with a resolution of at least 128px by 128px


Profiles have a "Info" section that displays above your uploaded work, it's typically best to include a summary of your experience and art style.

Don't use this section to forward users to another portfolio or website, there is a link section in the sidebar just for this and it makes it hard for users to compare your work with other users.

Contact Page

This is the page where the client makes the commission order, so make sure to include:

  • Anything you need to start the order (work details / reference image)
  • When payment is expected to be made
  • Your refund policy
  • What their rights are and what rights you maintain


Make sure you are clear with what is included in each service, including size and complexity.